Impact Rwanda: Stories of Transformation

By Adam Faber, Tuesday December 15, 2015

Impact Rwanda takes a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the desperately poor and vulnerable people of Rwanda by engaging with spiritual and physical health, and education and skills training. We focus on women, refugees, and at­ risk youth and children.

Community Bible Church

Breaking the mold of traditional Rwandan church leadership, Community Bible Church (CBC) is the country’s first indigenous elder ­led church. Not long ago we were reflecting on the people whom God has brought to CBC – orphans, refugees, widows, those estranged from their spouses, those disillusioned with church – and realized that God had brought to the church those we asked for: people in need of life transformation.

Passy is 24, the son of a pastor, and part of a broken family where the children have been forced to choose between mom and dad. He came to CBC very disillusioned by church and those that call themselves Christians. He came because a friend invited him, telling him that CBC was different. Now, Passy never misses an opportunity to be part of church each week.

Serge recently met with him and asked what has been the greatest change in his life in the last year. Passy responded, peace. Peace in his relationship with God and how he navigates his family relationships.

Komeza Women

In Rwanda, women are considered the heart of the family. This is even more evident in poor families where women do almost everything to make sure that their children and husband have what they need to survive.

Chantal is one such woman. She is heavily pregnant with her second child, and yet walks 45 minutes each way to work at J.Lynn’s each day. She makes the best salsa in town and makes sure that all the donuts are iced and decorated to perfection – along with all the other tasks she helps with at the shop.

Chantal also has the mind of an entrepreneur and is on her way to helping her family become self­ sufficient. Currently she has 2 mama pigs and five piglets with more on the way. Each day, she collects the leftover scraps from J.Lynn’s to help feed them. She has expanded her services to include reselling vegetables and trusts God that this little business can grow to also employ her husband. Pray for her to continue to trust God and to be faithful in what he has given her and her family.

Children and Youth At Risk

Apollinaire is 22 years old. He has been in our program for street kids since 2006. He was a house boy trying to survive when we first connected with him and recognized that there was something special about him. He started back to school in grade 4.

He is incredibly conscientious and works most diligently in all things – sometimes stressing too much that he’s not doing good enough, to which have always replied that we are more concerned about his character and walk with God than how well he performs in school. He has just finished grade 10 in the top 5 of his class and will start grade 11 in January.

What a year! These are just a few of the stories of impact and we are seeing more each day. Your support has truly made a difference in transforming lives and communities in Rwanda. Thank You! Your partnership matters.