Impact Ecuador earthquake update

Lauren AndersonImpact Ecuador, Updates

Although the news coverage of Ecuador has mostly disappeared, there is still great pain and suffering resulting from the April earthquake, which killed at least 663 people. Entire towns have been flattened and very little help has reached the people, many of whom are sleeping in tents or on the street.

Responding to the great need, a team of 13 people from Carmen Bajo went to the impacted areas the last weekend of May.  The team experienced great unity and the Lord led them to a small town where aid has not yet arrived. The destruction was beyond what they expected. They were heart-broken to see the conditions.

Carmen Bajo was able to share from the supplies that past teams have brought down to them, as well as from their own resources.  In addition, Impact Ecuador was able to provide some funds to help purchase food and other resources to distribute. They held programs with the kids and youth from that community, conducted a church service, and distributed kits with food and hygiene items to the families. The people were extremely grateful and each team member took away the challenge to continue supporting this community.