Impact Kenya-PACE: God showed up!

Lauren AndersonUncategorized

As you may already be aware, the boys’ dormitory at PACE burned down this spring as a result of an electrical fire that broke out early in the morning while the primary school boys were still asleep. After screams from the girls alerted the high school boys to the fire, they rushed back to the dorms and carried out the sleeping younger boys. Although there were a couple of minor injuries due to falling in the darkness, all of the children were rescued safely.

The art, library, and computer room have been temporarily converted into boys’ dorms. Once the new library and high school building are completed, it will be a permanent, risk-free, and modern facility that can be used for the boys’ dorms until a permanent dorm can be built.

Most of the metal storage boxes used by the students were destroyed along with their contents, but one item was salvaged untouched by the fire: a Bible belonging to one of the boys. The students at PACE see this as a sign that God showed up that morning.

As of the beginning of June, we have collected all we need to cover the cost of replacing the beds and mattresses, pillows and blankets, the clothing, uniforms books, personal items, and the steel trunks that each child had. Much of this came from the generous response of the International Teams Canada donors. Thank you so much for your support!