Stories of Transformation: Mario

Lauren AndersonImpact Bolivia, Updates

La Jornada (“The Journey”) is a shared home for former street kids who have left the streets for various children’s homes, graduated from high school and are committed to continuing their education by taking up a skilled trade or gaining a professional qualification. Andres, one of the staff members at La Jornada, shared this story with us while visiting Canada in June.

“We have a young man whose name is Mario who has been visiting the ministry for the last five years, mostly just on weekends. His dad is an alcoholic and there was a lot of abuse at home. We were always trying to encourage him to go back to school, to set up long-term goals. Last year during a short-term team visit, David — a member of the team that comes every year — felt on his heart that he should talk to Mario about his life and share from his own life as well. They got to know each other and David encouraged him to go back to school. Finally this year he decided that he wanted to move in with us and join the program full-time!

God used David to show that he really cares about Mario. He moved into the house in April, and we have registered him for high school. The beginning was quite hard for him, especially going back to school after being away for five years. But we have seen lots of positive changes in him in just a couple of months.”