A message from the CEO

In a time where access to food, education, and safety are far from guaranteed, Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC), a project of Impact South Sudan, does their best to ensure that their participants receive these basic necessities.

Most of the children cared for by CCC have had a very difficult childhood. One of these children is Harriet, who never knew her father and lost her mother when she was ten years old. Harriet’s behaviour was characterised by sudden, violent temper tantrums and nightmares. In the aftermath, it would take many hours of patience to calm her down. She was so tired of undergoing these terrible experiences and said that she wished she would die and be with her mother.

I’m happy to tell you that Harriet is now able to control her temper and has not experienced nightmares for an entire year. The staff of CCC have been filled with awe and wonder to see Harriet so composed. She is now able to cope with the loss and lack of her own family. She knows that there is a purpose to fulfil in her life and that life is meaningful.

Harriet will be okay, but we’re not okay until we’re all okay. We do the work that we do because of Harriet, and the many others like her. Thank you for believing in us and working with us in 2017.

Neil Ostrander, CEO

A message from the Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our gratitude for your support in 2017. Your prayers, encouragement, and financial gifts have allowed us, together with our indigenous partners, to transform the lives and communities of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. You have given us the privilege of restoring dignity and transforming lives through the power of God’s love.

iTeams Canada is a Christian charity working to end poverty by providing education and the necessities of life to vulnerable people around the world. This is our goal and we simply couldn’t do it without you! Your support has changed thousands of lives through the transforming power of the Gospel. Because of you, we have been able to journey with and empower our partners to move their communities toward fullness of life.

Neil has already shared Harriet’s story, a wonderful example of the kind of change you have made possible. There are many more stories of transformation and restored dignity on our website, in our e-blasts, and in this report. We are thrilled each year to see measurable change in our programs and ministry partners and we are so grateful for your support over the years. Thank you for coming alongside Harriet, and alongside us, believing in our partners, and sharing in our joy in 2017.

Barry King, Board Chair


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Focusing on widows and vulnerable women


Focusing on refugees

Transforming Lives Through Building Community

When you enter Carmen Bajo Church in Ecuador and meet Pastor Fabian and his wife Grace, you are immediately struck with the love and care that they pour into their work there. The two of them arrived seventeen years ago, initially to help for one year at the church. When they saw the need, they ended up staying and building a community and a family.

Due to high unemployment in the neighbourhood of Carmen Bajo in Quito, Ecuador, there is widespread poverty and a devastating number of people in the community who struggle with alcoholism and family degradation. Pastor Fabian and Grace provide not only food, but education, vocational opportunities and spiritual growth to the whole community through the church.

Five days a week, the volunteers and staff of the church provide a hot lunch and a half-day of tutoring to hundreds of kids from the impoverished neighbourhoods. For the older community members, there are scholarships available for post-secondary education. These initiatives, and so many more, are made possible because of the work that Pastor Fabian and Grace have put into the Carmen Bajo Church.

When asked about their mission and their lives in Ecuador, Pastor Fabian pauses before answering. Thoughtfully, he relates his experience in Carmen Bajo, both before and after iTeams arrived in Quito

“For me, these 17 years, they’ve been the best years of my life. I learned to depend on God. In the first years, before International Teams came and supported my salary, I can’t explain really, how we educated our children, high school, university, housing, food.”

Grace relates her experience to the 25-30 women who she has worked with recently, saying, “their self-esteem has been raised because these were women who never had high self-esteem and we’ve given dignity to them, to know that they are valuable and precious to God.” Hearing their story and the passion for the work they do, it is obvious that Fabian and Grace have truly become part of the community. With the help of the iTeams supporters, they are lifting whole families out of poverty and transforming the lives of those living in Carmen Bajo.

2017 highlights

Another great Forge Internship!

We were so impressed by the level of competence and passion that we are pleased to have hired two interns to stay on as the Impact Teams Coordinator and the Donor Care Coordinator.

The resilience of Emmanuel Christian College of Impact South Sudan!

They have continued to hold classes, graduate students and work towards peace as the conflict in this country has escalated at times in 2017.

The 10 year celebration of our partnership with the Impact Ecuador program.

For 10 years, Carmen Bajo Church in Quito, Grace Community Church in Guelph, Creekside Church in Kitchener and Waterloo, and iTeams Canada have come together to transform lives.

Click on map location to learn more about 2017 program highlights.

Financial Overview

Donations to International Teams Canada provide financial support to projects in 15 programs.

The goal of each of our programs is to equip our indigenous partners to transform their communities.

  • Revenue $3,259,263

  • Expenses $3,050,839
  • Administration $449,608
  • Fundraising $128,940
  • Programming $2,472,291

  • Net Assets $1,170,111

Thank you

Board of Directors

Barry King

Rebecca Fortin

Lorraine Pinsent

Susan Salib

Phil Sheldon

Stuart Thomson

Karen Toews