Forge Internship “Perfect Springboard” for Career in International Development

By Lauren Anderson, Monday March 5, 2018

Jacob Gaudaur, one of the 2017-18 Forge interns, shared about his experience with the program.

“While being a student at both the undergraduate and graduate level, I felt myself being largely restrained by the limitations of theory. I was quickly gaining knowledge yet struggled to imagine how it applied to the “real world”. Questions such as where and how faith and vocation intersected were at the forefront of my mind. Over the course of the Forge internship, my questions were gradually answered, both through planned training as well as the experiences I had. The six months I spent as an intern have acted as the perfect springboard for me as my career in my field begins.

One of the Forge’s greatest strengths is its intentional exposure of interns to a wide range of tasks, projects, and experiences. Going abroad to Romania in a working capacity was an amazing yet challenging experience. It allowed me to get my feet on the ground to witness and participate in the work which God is doing through iTeams and its incredible partners first-hand. The Forge internship was the perfect fit for where I was at and helped me visualize what I wanted to do next.”

iTeams Canada is currently accepting applications for the 2018-19 Forge internship. Visit for more information!