Impact Canada TrueCity Conference Recap

By Lauren Anderson, Tuesday May 15, 2018

Wow! Earlier this spring over 500 of us from over 80 churches gathered from all across Hamilton to worship, learn, and talk about our beloved city at the True City Conference. This year, we focused on our changing city and the role that the Church has to play in its transformation.

Brian Henley, Hamilton Historian, set the stage for our discussion by sharing with us when and how Hamilton has changed before. In our main session on Friday evening, Jeff Neven of Indwell put faces and stories to those who are being affected by the changes in Hamilton. Our amazing Saturday speakers talked everything from payday loan shops to our Arabic speaking neighbours, from racism in the Church to community building, from how technology shapes our relationship with God to our public spaces. Graeme Kirk of Bethany Gospel Chapel brought things home on Saturday afternoon by helping us find God in the midst of it all.

On Saturday, our kids had a conference of their own! Natalie Frisk, the Curriculum Developer at The Meeting House, organized an amazing morning full of art, play, and the Gospel. Our kids learned about the role they play in shaping the kingdom of God and had a blast doing so!

With the constant struggles with change and gentrification in Hamilton, it was good to gather to follow Jesus together. We hope everyone came away equipped with new ways forward and the encouragement to be present and involved in their communities. We loved coming together and celebrating what God’s been doing in Hamilton. Thank you for your support as we continue to follow God’s call to be the Church together in Hamilton.

Fundraising Update: During the conference we flew past our goal of raising $10,000! Thank you to those who participated!