Successful Samuel

By Lauren Anderson, Tuesday May 15, 2018

Samuel Zougrana was one of the graduates from our second graduation. Although he was never the best student in his class, he always tried to do his best. Since he has graduated he has maintained contact with CFPC. He told them that he was working but not all the time. However, last year he was getting more work and was keeping busy.

Recently we had a get-together and every alumni that could be contacted was invited. The head administrator, Victorien, asked all the grads that came to fill out a form just saying what they were doing and how they felt about the training they had received at CFPC. Samuel’s response was one of the most positive.

At the end of our get-together he went to the CFPC leadership and asked when the next graduation would be as he had become so busy with work that he would like to hire 1 or 2 graduates to work for him. It made their day to hear this news.

Because of you, vulnerable young men like Samuel have a new path out of poverty. Thank you for your support!