New Family & Friends Offer Hope for the Future

By Lauren Anderson, Wednesday May 30, 2018

Two of our Forge interns spent the months of October and November in Romania, carrying out an impact assessment and immersing themselves in the community that has developed around Pas cu Pas. Staff, volunteers and orphans gather together frequently to share meals, build each other up, and provide the sort of family structure that is absent in the lives of those who grew up in state-run orphanages.

While there are countless stories worth retelling, the one that most stood out from their time is that of a young orphan girl who has been involved with the organization since 2010. She had spent the previous two years in an orphanage and was very shy during this time. When she met the volunteers and teams from Pas cu Pas for the first time, she says she became a new person, trying to emulate the work she saw them doing by helping others in any way that she could. She began volunteering with Pas cu Pas, and quickly found herself surrounded by a loving and supporting group of friends and family who share her aspirations.

Today she has hope for the future and the dignity to pursue her goals. She wants to work for Pas cu Pas when she is done school, sharing the struggles and success of her past with the orphans of today, and continuing the cycle of love and respect.

Thank you for supporting Impact Romania and helping us change lives for vulnerable young people!