Cheering Each Other On in Rwanda

By Lauren Anderson, Friday June 1, 2018

“I was given the privilege to teach English and computer to some people from a Rwandan church and the community surrounding it. At first it was just going to be for one student, but then when it was announced in church more people decided to come. I did not have much teaching experience and was really nervous the first day. Thankfully I had a great translator, Bienvenu, and he was such a huge help to me throughout the duration of the class.

I admit I was afraid I was going to fail these students and yet week after week they kept coming back hungry to learn more. Throughout the weeks we went over greetings, questions people ask, food, the house and family relationships. When we went over greetings and introducing ourselves the students decided on their break they would practice with each other. I loved hearing them ask their names and saying how nice it was to meet you. On the computer, I showed them the different parts and we also went over Microsoft Word and a little with Excel.

The class lasted for only five weeks and that time flew by. For the last class I had made up an exam to see what they had learned. Even though it was optional, most of the class showed up and this showed me how serious they were about learning. I graded the tests and the students wanted us to announce their scores to the whole class. Every time a score was announced — it didn’t matter what the score was — the whole class would clap and cheer. They were so happy for each other, that no one had received a zero. I got choked up at the end as I was so proud of them. I pray they are able to continue in their studies and learn more. They will always be in my heart and I am thankful to God for this opportunity to serve Him here in Rwanda.”

— Amy