Bringing Clean Water to a New Community

By Lauren Anderson, Wednesday June 6, 2018

Villa Altagracia is a community in the Dominican Republic that has no access to clean water and few educational opportunities available for its residents. Impact Dominican Republic has begun to work in this community, using the lessons we learned in Los Alcarrizos to bring transformation to Villa Altagracia as well.

We have broken ground on some of the first projects: a water purification system and rehabilitated sports fields. These two projects offer much to Villa Altagracia. The water treatment plant is based on the same model that has been so successful in Los Alcarrizos. After it is constructed, families will be able to buy affordable and clean water and all the profits from the plant will be spent on charitable activities within the community.

The rehabilitation of sports fields provides Villa Altagracia with spaces to meet each other in sport. Through organizing sports games and events for both adults and children on these fields the community of Villa Altagracia will learn to love their neighbours and interact more with others. Impact Teams and local construction workers have been busy on both the construction of the water treatment plant and the sports fields. The water treatment plant has been laid out and progress continues, with iTeams working towards securing grants to help support the work being done on this project.