TrueCity Hamilton is Now Part of Impact Canada!

By Lauren Anderson, Friday June 8, 2018

We have some exciting news! People are asking to learn more about the impact of a collaborative church network in Hamilton, Ontario! Over the next several months, TrueCity will be expanding to engage some growing church networks in southern Ontario, in order to share stories of church collaboration, engage in discipleship, and to encourage them as they reflect on their own contexts. With this next phase comes some rebranding. TrueCity Hamilton will now be part of Impact Canada. Stay tuned for more details on our new community networks!

In the meantime, we have an update on TrueCity Hamilton’s activities over the past six months. One of the core values of the TrueCity network is to be Neighbourhood Focused. Out of last year’s Neighbourhood Listening Project came a desire to dig deeper into Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). On September 15-16, 42 participants representing eleven TrueCity churches and eleven organizations came together for an ABCD Training weekend. Reesheda Graham-Washington and Bernadette Arthur co-facilitated the weekend, providing participants with a breadth of knowledge and conversation around asset and faith-based strategies for engaging in neighbourhood transformation.

The Friday evening consisted of a poverty-simulation exercise where participants each received an identification and a story. They role played through three days of various tasks at six stations. Through group discussion, learnings and reflections were shared together about the experience. Many participants shared that this simulation was very powerful for them. On Saturday the day was filled with teaching, small group reflection exercises and a neighbourhood walk. Through this the group identified foundational components of an ABCD worldview, explored ways to deal with common ABCD related barriers and practiced what they learned through the neighbourhood walk.

The ABCD training weekend was very formative for those that participated as our definitions of poverty, neighbour and what it means to help was challenged. Two participants shared their reflections:

“We had two amazing days digging deeper together. I plan to bring this learning to my church. I was impressed with how grounded ABCD was in the gospel and reminded of the importance of being grounded in God’s work. The focus on deep listening and relationship development will be helpful in the work I feel called to do.”

“I have been really moved by this experience. Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge. As I take these learnings I will need the courage to be vulnerable and open myself up to being a vessel for God and this work.”

Thank you for your support of Impact Canada and TrueCity Hamilton. We couldn’t do it without you!