Transformed Into a Leader & Advocate

By Lauren Anderson, Tuesday June 12, 2018

Impact Haiti continues to partner with the Micah Scholars program. Drawing from Micah 6:8, Micah Scholars is developing a new generation of pastors and leaders who do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God. In partnership with three Haitian seminaries, we’re providing young leaders with full scholarships to seek a Bachelor of Divinity degree. Through monthly workshops, they acquire leadership skills, and in quarterly retreats with international church leaders, they connect with the global movement of the Church.

Once an exploited young woman, Erwin was liberated through her hard work with Haiti Partners and her Bible Study on children’s rights. Erwin’s story is an example of how we work to help the Haitian church deepen in faith and engage in social justice. She has transformed through our program into an energetic young leader and advocate.

“My name is Erwin. I am part of the Micah Scholars Program. I used to be really shy, but the program has had a big impact on me. It transformed my life. This experience has strengthened me to keep moving forward. I want to be part of even bigger changes in our society.”

Thank you for supporting Impact Haiti and helping us change lives for vulnerable young people like Erwin!