New Opportunities for Victor

By Lauren Anderson, Sunday June 24, 2018

In partnership with local organization Senderos de Luz, Impact Guatemala operates a community centre in La Pinada that is a hub for social assistance programs, vocational training, and a feeding program for local children living in poverty.

Victor is a young man who lives in a nearby community, a 45 minute-1 hour walk away from the Senderos de Luz Carpentry School in La Pinada. He walks this distance 3 times per week to attend class – always on time and never missing a day of school regardless of how hot it is. He comes from an challenging economic environment with his parents supporting 5 other siblings. His parents work long hours in the fields and have hoped, prayed, and dreamed for an opportunity for their son.Victor is very talented and creative in his newly developed skills and is a good example to younger boys in the program. There is talk of having Victor stay in the program another year longer so that he can teach the new students entering the program and to help support his teacher, Pedro.

As the ministry became aware of the distance Victor travelled, they were able to seek donations to purchase Victor a bicycle of his own. Thank you for your support of Impact Guatemala and for believing in kids like Victor.