Updates from our Scholars in Ecuador

By Lauren Anderson, Friday July 6, 2018

We recently received updates from the students Impact Ecuador is supporting as they obtain post-secondary education. Here are a few excerpts:


I attend the Central University of Ecuador, studying Social Work. I am currently in the 8th semester and taking 2 subjects: 1) Link with society (pre-professional practical placement) and in this semester I am doing my practical placement in the community Espiga de Oro-Cayambe. I am living in this community as part of my community practice. 2) At the same time, I am taking an online course called “Thesis Seminar” and for this course I have to go back to the university once per month.

The interesting thing in this new stage of my studies is to be able to learn ancestral knowledge of this community and also to offer my theoretical knowledge that I have learned in the past semesters. I ask you to pray for me that I will be able to connect with the people of the community that I am living and through my testimony I can share the love of God.

Thank you for the help you have given.  It has been a great blessing especially now that I live far from my city.


I am studying in the Central University of Ecuador, Faculty of Science in emergency medicine. I am doing well in my studies. I have learned that to be a paramedic is to be responsible for another’s life and that the decisions that I make to give treatment to the patient will help prevent injuries that could progress and cause secondary injuries that could result in a disability or death.

Please pray for my mom. She is a studying to be able to work in nursery school and for the moment she is without work. I hope that she can find a job and will be able to continue with her studies.


In first place, I want to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to complete my studies and I have good intentions to carry this out. Secondly, I want to let you know that I am studying at the Bible Seminary of the Alliance church of Ecuador. The program that I am studying is theology focused in Bible studies.  I just finished my second semester and I have 3 years to finish. It has been very interesting to study this program and I have been reminded that I like the history of the nation of Israel and I have read many books that help me understand the world in biblical times.

I would like to tell you, with all the humility of Christ, that I have been named the Director in the Carmen Bajo Project and I have every good intention to bless those around me. I have been able to do this with the children, but not as much with the youth.  I haven’t had much contact with them and I would like them to know God and see that I am trying to do the best for them. Please pray for this new ministry that Dios has put in my hands and that I could be assertive with the youth.

Thank you for this blessing.  May God always fill your heart with joy.


Because of supporters like you, God’s love is being shared in Ecuador and lives are being changed through education. Thank you!