Delphine’s Story

By Lauren Anderson, Tuesday July 10, 2018

The people of Kiziba Refugee Camp in Rwanda have experienced very difficult times in the last 3 months. After their monthly cash allowance was reduced by 25% at the beginning of the year, their leadership council organized a series of protests to reclaim their rights. Unfortunately the protests did not bring any solution to their problems, but rather resulted in tragedies including injuries and the loss of many lives.

One of those impacted the most is Delphine, a nineteen-year-old girl with a disability, who we know from the music program at the library. Delphine’s mother was among those who died during the protest, leaving her the impossible responsibility of caring for herself and her two younger brothers. Delphine’s mother was the only parent they had; she raised them alone because their father had left for another woman.

As she grieved the loss of her mother, she could not imagine being able to continue school. She was also deeply worried about her siblings because her physical disability limits what she can do. The situation in the camp touched ​Isabella, the Impact Rwanda program leaders’ 11-year-old daughter.​ She decided to raise money to help Delphine’s family. Between a lemonade stand and a GoFundMe page, Isabella raised over $2,000 CDN.

Delphine agreed that the best help would be to send them to boarding school where they will be guaranteed three meals a day and have a safe place to sleep and study without stress. Delphine and Adolphe are now attending boarding school, while their youngest brother Delphin is cared for by their grandmother with our support.

What happened to Delphine’s family is a tragedy but the community of people who supported her gave them hope and reason to trust in God. Delphine is grateful and we are too!