Hope for Harriet

By Lauren Anderson, Wednesday July 25, 2018

South Sudan currently finds itself in the midst of turmoil. The ramifications of the most recent violent conflict which erupted in December 2013 continues to dictate the reality of the majority of South Sudanese. Children are no exception and continue to be some of the most vulnerable in the heart of this protracted crisis. The lack of nutrition, safety, and education are just some of the elements which have stolen the childhoods of an estimated 50% of South Sudanese children. As of December 2017, over 2.4 million children have been forced to flee their homes while three million are severely food insecure according to UNICEF’s December 2017 report on South Sudan.

Confident Children out of Conflict (CCC) faithfully operates in Juba as a response to these adverse conditions and seeks to protect, nurture, and empower the most vulnerable of society. These include women and children at risk of gender based violence as well as children on the streets. In light of this ongoing conflict, the work of Impact South Sudan – CCC remains essential as well as part of a larger vision for a peaceful and more prosperous South Sudan.

Most of the children cared for by CCC have had a difficult time in their childhood and are often quite tough to take care of. Harriet never knew her father and her mother died when she was ten years old. Harriet’s behaviour was characterised by sudden temper tantrums and nightmares. She would fight and hit anyone in her way whenever attacked. In the aftermath, it would take many hours of patience to calm her down. She was so tired of undergoing these terrible experiences and said that she wished she would die and be with her mother.

In 2016, she was one of the girls who was able to attend school in a Christian boarding school in Uganda. Harriet felt very comfortable in the school and joined the intercession group. It was through this group that she learned how to pray. One morning during devotion time, she told the other girls that she felt God was changing her. She was able to control her temper tantrums and had not experienced nightmares for an entire year. She had the courage and confidence to pray for another girl when she lost her father a month earlier. We, the staff of CCC, were all filled with awe and wonder to see Harriet so composed and declaring God’s power in her life.

Because of supporters like you, Harriet is now able to cope with the loss and lack of her own family. She knows that  there is a purpose to fulfil in her life and that life is meaningful. Thank you!