The Lighthouse Keeps Its Promises

By Lauren Anderson, Monday July 30, 2018

Villa Altagracia is a community in the Dominican Republic that has no access to clean water and few educational opportunities available for its residents. Impact Dominican Republic has begun to work in this community, using the lessons we learned in Los Alcarrizos to bring transformation to Villa Altagracia as well.

We are excited to share that the baksetball court in Villa Altagracia has been completed! Recreational facilities are a priority in impoverished communities because when young people play sports, they stay off the streets and out of gangs. Cristian shared with us that the basketball court has been promised to Villa Altagracia with each political campaign over the last 20 years. Two decades, and none of the politicians ever followed through with that promise! We believe this basketball court is a symbol of hope and an act of integrity – Impact Dominican Republic and the Lighthouse are there to stay and will follow through on promises.

Thank you for supporting Impact Dominican Republic and helping us change lives in a new community!