Four Years of Discipleship Groups in Hamilton

By Lauren Anderson, Friday August 3, 2018

Recently a group of pastors in Hamilton reflected together on the impact of the discipleship groups that they have been part of through TrueCity over the past four years. A number of them shared how rich this has been for their own personal growth as followers of Jesus. Others talked about the way that this has equipped them to begin discipleship groups in their congregations and how fruitful this is proving in moving their churches towards a more robust discipleship culture. A third theme was the way this discipleship initiative is integrating mission into the mix in a way that makes them “realistically hopeful” (to quote one pastor) about their congregations participating in what God is doing in their city.

There remain many challenges, but a sense of momentum around missional discipleship is growing and it has all of us encouraged as we continue to pursue our calling to be churches together for the good of the city.

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