Robert Says “Step Up and Stand Firm”

By Lauren Anderson, Monday November 25, 2019

Robert is a current Form 4 (Grade 12) student at the Pan African High School (PAHS). Robert is one of the many international students at PAHS, representing his country of Malawi.

Since enrolling 6 years ago, Robert says he has “…felt normal here because I have found other people from other nations. Everyone is so welcoming and you feel like you are a part of them.” Robert has been blessed with creative talent! He loves to draw, write, and “…beatify the compound back home with flowers and plants.” Robert’s favourite memory at PACE was when he was able to utilize his creative skills to write the winning essay in a school-wide contest. His essay on the topic “Step Up and Stand Firm” was published in the school’s newsletter. One day, Robert would love to further his love for literature by writing and publishing a Christian literature book. 

Robert’s dream is to become an architect. Throughout the years, Robert recognized his talent and passion for art and building. As a result, he’s set his sights on becoming an architect. Robert gives his heart-felt thanks and gratitude to PACE Ministries for allowing him to receive a Christian education. He states that he is thankful for both the academic and spiritual guidance that he received through school. With his spiritual and academic foundation, Robert is excited to graduate and to follow his passion for architecture and art!