A New Job Opportunity for CFPC Graduates

By Lauren Anderson, Friday January 10, 2020

A bit of really exciting news from Chris and Roger Bast, Program Champions for Impact Burkina Faso-CFPC:

“Around Christmas, Victorien called and said that he and Alexandre had been talking to a company that is interested in having our students build a laundry building as part of their practical training. The company was very interested in the Centre and the training our students receive. During the course of their discussions the company expressed an interest in hiring as many of our grads as possible as they were having a hard time finding good reliable help. So our instructors called all our former students and relayed the job opportunity. The next Monday Anicet drove a truck load of students to their job interview. Just the other day Victorien called some of them to see how it was going, and their response was very positive. It is wonderful to see our grads having this great opportunity!”