Petronela’s Story

By Lauren Anderson, Thursday March 12, 2020

We have some good news to share from our partners in Romania! Petronela, one of our volunteers, was hired as a Program Assistant effective March 1. She recently shared the story of how she became involved with Pas cu Pas and Impact Romania: 

When I started to volunteer I was in bad shape and I was so sad and discouraged and feeling not worthy to do anything. The people at Pas cu Pas stepped in, helped me and never let me down. Pas cu Pas was there for me during my very worst time and did not leave me. This was encouraging for me and allowed me to start understanding my role in this world, which was not clear to me at that moment, but since then I have become stronger and stronger every day.

Dina and the other people at Pas cu Pas wanted to help me and knew that working at the orphanage would make me happy and confident. I loved it! I started to think further and look into the future, which wasn’t easy – but thanks to God for the people that I had to support me. I even became a mentor last year, and so far am loving it! I mentor a super mega cute 7 year old girl with special needs. She doesn’t talk but I found it easy to connect with her! 

At Pas cu Pas, I want to do many more things with the children, people and volunteers. I want to share with them my own experience and journey – it was a long one, but it brought me to where I am today! I feel honoured to have the privilege of working here and helping children find their way. I understand them and know what their lives are. 

Your support changes lives for people like Petronela. We couldn’t do it without you!