Impact Rwanda: Teaching Literature in Kiziba

Lauren AndersonImpact Rwanda, Updates

When planning to start a secondary school in Kiziba Refugee Camp, Oscar and those around him knew they were going to be doing a lot of work with very little. In the early days of the school they had no textbooks of their own and would have to send teachers to walk fifteen kilometers to another school to borrow books. … Read More

Stories of Transformation: Mario

Lauren AndersonImpact Bolivia, Updates

La Jornada (“The Journey”) is a shared home for former street kids who have left the streets for various children’s homes, graduated from high school and are committed to continuing their education by taking up a skilled trade or gaining a professional qualification. Andres, one of the staff members at La Jornada, shared this story with us while visiting Canada in June. “We have a … Read More

Impact Ecuador earthquake update

Lauren AndersonImpact Ecuador, Updates

Although the news coverage of Ecuador has mostly disappeared, there is still great pain and suffering resulting from the April earthquake, which killed at least 663 people. Entire towns have been flattened and very little help has reached the people, many of whom are sleeping in tents or on the street. Responding to the great need, a team of 13 … Read More

Impact Rwanda: Stories of Transformation

Adam FaberImpact Rwanda, Updates

Impact Rwanda takes a holistic approach to meeting the needs of the desperately poor and vulnerable people of Rwanda by engaging with spiritual and physical health, and education and skills training. We focus on women, refugees, and at­ risk youth and children. Community Bible Church Breaking the mold of traditional Rwandan church leadership, Community Bible Church (CBC) is the country’s … Read More

Wings for change 2015

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We look forward to seeing you! Click HERE to purchase tickets for this event. This event is to raise money for a Farming Cooperative Pilot Project in South Sudan, implemented by Windows of Opportunity in partnership with International Teams Canada. This will be our kick off fundraiser to raise $6000 in seed capital to begin employing and educating farmers in … Read More

Kiziba Library to Receive Solar Lighting in 2016

Adam FaberImpact Rwanda, Updates

The Ride for Refuge was a great fundraiser for Impact Rwanda again this year. The Rwanda Riders team from WMB Church in Waterloo, Ontario raised a total of $17,000, which will assist Impact Rwanda projects including the installation of solar lighting at the library in the Kiziba Refugee Camp. What a gift this will be to all those who wish to use … Read More

C4 Church Is Impact Uganda’s Newest Partner

Adam FaberImpact Uganda, Updates

Impact Uganda has a new partner! Dave Adams, Impact Uganda’s program champion and lead pastor at C4 Church, announced this weekend that C4 has agreed to partner with Impact Uganda. In addition to providing regular financial support to the program, they are committed to sending an Impact Team to serve in Uganda each year. C4 is located in Ajax, Ontario. … Read More

J.Lynn’s Community Goes the Extra Mile

Karl GingerichImpact Rwanda, Updates

Olive is one of the women employed by the J.Lynn’s bakery in Kigali, Rwanda. Each morning, after getting her two children ready for school and on their way, she walks one hour to start her job at J.Lynn’s at 7 a.m. She works until 4 p.m., then returns home to clean, cook, and make sure they are ready for the … Read More

First Year of Interns Forging Ahead With Important Work

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The Forge Internship is a new initiative of International Teams Canada, specifically designed for graduates with knowledge and passion in international development. The 8-month program, which launched in September 2014, gives emerging leaders the opportunity to integrate their faith with their vocation while making a major contribution to International Teams Canada’s transformational development programs. Greg Reader, iTeams Canada’s Learning and … Read More

Generous Donors Help Solve PACE’s Water Woes

iTeams CanadaImpact Kenya PACE, Impact Programs, Updates

The availability of clean water can be a real challenge or a source of joy for developing countries. At the PACE Academy in Kenya, it has been both. Phillip Sheldon, Canadian champion for Impact Kenya-PACE, says that the construction of a new girls’ dormitory has been greeted with a lot of excitement, especially surrounding the indoor showers. “The 100 female … Read More