A message from the CEO

In 1960, International Teams’ founder Kevin Dyer had a dream – a dream that compassionate volunteers could transform lives in partnership with the communities around them. Kevin assembled a team of young leaders who were committed to meeting the needs of the whole person, and together, they set out to change the world.

More than 50 years later, their legacy lives on in International Teams Canada. Our mission is to see vulnerable people move toward fullness of life characterized by dignity, justice, peace, and hope. We also still believe strongly in the power of young leaders to change the world.

One of the ways we invest in emerging Christian leaders is through our one-of-a-kind paid internship program called The Forge. Interns have the unique opportunity to work at the intersection of faith and vocation, and our program partners are able to increase the on-the-ground impact of their transformational development programs. It is a win for everyone and we are grateful for your financial support, which makes this possible.

I consider it a great privilege to work with exceptional young leaders like Jacob and Sheila, who share their story in this newsletter. Thank you for coming alongside them – and us – as we work together to transform lives around the world.

Neil Ostrander, CEO

Why The Forge Internship Matters

As a student pursuing a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, I felt largely restrained by the limitations of theory. I was quickly gaining knowledge yet struggled to imagine how it applied to the “real world.” Questions such as where and how faith and vocation intersected were at the forefront of my mind.

In 2017-18, I had the opportunity to participate in The Forge, a 6-month internship specifically designed for college and university graduates with knowledge and passion for International Development. Going abroad to Romania in a working capacity allowed me to get my feet on the ground to witness and participate first-hand in the work God is doing through iTeams and its incredible partners.

One of the main reasons we were there was to listen and learn from the stories of those who make up the Pas Cu Pas Foundation, Impact Romania’s partner organization. Hope shines in the stories shared by young women like Petro, an orphan who came to the volunteers at Pas Cu Pas as a child and is now full of love and passion to care for those who are in need of love and a family. The incredible staff and volunteers of Pas Cu Pas are doing truly invaluable work in Romania and it is changing lives in a measurable way.

Sheila Brewster, one of the interns in my cohort, summarized the value of the Forge by saying, “What we accomplish in six months, as young, green development grads eager to learn will help shape the next 3-5 years for a program. We have the time and opportunity to listen to and take record of the broader story of the program and the community’s dreams for its future and equip local leaders with the information they want and need to continue to pursue excellence in transformational development.”

A new cohort of Forge interns will be joining iTeams in September 2019. To apply, or to support our work financially, visit forge.iteams.ca!

Jacob Gaudaur, iTeams Canada Donor Care Coordinator

Impact Haiti’s Exciting New Partnership

We’re excited to share about the launch of Impact Haiti’s new partnership with Development Associates International (DAI), a school and community dedicated to empowering Haitians to change Haiti through quality education for church leaders.

Haiti’s brutal history of colonization, slavery and exploitation has traumatized its people and created a culture of authoritarian leadership. This abuse of power, combined with a scarcity mindset, inhibits people and institutions from growing, innovating and discovering their potential. In order for Haiti to address its many challenges, its seminary students need to experience an innovative, quality education—an education that empowers them to develop their potential, to think outside the box and to engage in improving their communities.

Drawing from Micah 6:8, the Impact Haiti Micah Scholars program is developing a new generation of pastors and leaders who do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God. DAI-Haiti will be supporting our Micah Scholars by offering access to seminary at the undergraduate and graduate level for emerging Haitian leaders.

DAI has already received over 50 applications for 30 positions in the new Masters of Organizational Leadership program launched this winter! This Masters program is a pivotal next step for Haitians to become the leaders of their own organizations and grow the local ownership of development initiatives.


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