A Message From The CEO


Now that 2020 is in full swing, looking at the year ahead fills me with excitement. 

We’re thrilled to announce another year of the iTeams Forge Internship. This program provides the next generation of Christian leaders with a paid 6-month internship. Here, college and university graduates can use their education to help those in need while being forged into bright, experienced leaders of tomorrow.  

Empowering young leaders is built into our DNA at iTeams. We love encouraging passionate people to make a meaningful difference! The Forge interns do important work. By contributing to sustainable development, they help provide the necessities of life to people in need. 

And it’s all thanks to donors like you. This March, I hope you can lend your support to our Forge Campaign. You’ll encourage emerging Christian leaders and help vulnerable communities find dignity, justice, and peace. 

Your generosity helps Forge interns like Joy improve the lives of children in Kenya. It’s a great reminder that your compassionate support is making a huge impact and reaching people in the farthest corners of our world. I hope you enjoy your first update of 2020! 


Neil Ostrander, CEO

Opening Opportunities for Orphans In Kenya

Changing Lives One Child at a Time


Impact Kenya-Shangilia has partnered with Shangilia Children’s Home (SCH) in Vihiga County to support orphaned children between the ages of 4 – 18. SCH cares for these neglected children by taking on a parental role in their lives. 

SCH provides all the materials needed to meet a child’s basic needs. Thanks to the help of donors like you, they’re able to cover the cost of everything from housing and food to clothing and education. They have even made sure to create a safe environment where kids can experience the joy of playtime! 

At SCH, youth like Elizabeth are fully taken care of. Elizabeth joined the children’s home in 2008, with her shining eyes set on a better and brighter future. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, Elizabeth’s difficult childhood was transformed! At SCH, she received the stability and comfort she needed to feel safe, inspiring her to chase her dreams. 

Despite the challenges life threw her way, she rose above it all to forge ahead and achieve her goals. Elizabeth truly believes that her opportunities for success come from this amazing organization. All of which is possible because of compassionate people like you! 

Today, she’s already received her degree in Health Services Management and is currently working towards a Masters in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. One day soon, her hope is to make the world a better place by using her scientific knowledge to save lives.

With the support of in-country partnerships like the Shangilia Children’s Home, you are helping Impact Kenya equip children with the tools, knowledge, and stability to pursue their dreams, transform their lives, and create long-term change in their communities. Thank you!


Humble Giving From the Heart

Your Support Sustains Transformative Work!


iTeams couldn’t perform the global transformative work we do without the support of donors like David Shuurman. We’re so grateful for the ongoing dedication of our supporters. Your contributions play a crucial role in forwarding projects that create sustainable change in vulnerable communities. 

It’s only thanks to you that men, women, and children receive access to vital programs and services that help them improve their quality of life and build brighter futures. 

“International Development is a huge passion of mine. It is so incredibly important. People working in international development don’t just have to have a heart for it, but they also need a brain that’s been trained to understand it. Supporting iTeams was a great way to walk alongside friends and an organization that is trying to use important research to bring change in thoughtful, humble, and respectful ways.” —David Shuurman



We couldn’t do this global transformative work without your support.