A Message From The CEO

In the giving spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of the pilgrimage I completed last year in Spain, the Camino de Santiago. The pilgrims had a saying, “the Camino provides,” which I learned meant that any need that arose was met through the kindness of others. This makes me think of you, our dedicated community of supporters who are making transformational development possible around the world.

Just as people from all nations walk the same road as they explore the same sacred pilgrimage across Europe, you too share the same desire to end poverty by providing education and the necessities of life to vulnerable people around the world. Thank you for extending your compassion and hospitality to widows, orphans, and refugees on a global stage.

Your support of our recent Back-to-School Campaign is helping to transform lives and communities in places like Haiti, Guatemala, and more! Your incredible generosity is improving lives and opening doors for underprivileged youth and young adults. By educating children and young leaders, we help entire communities become self-sufficient and work towards a future outside the cycle of poverty.

In this newsletter, I hope you’re inspired by the stories of transformation all the way from Ecuador. You’ll meet Caroline, Andres, and Carolina and hear how Impact Ecuador helped each one of them receive the resources they needed to build a brighter tomorrow.

I want to offer you my deepest gratitude. Thank you for partnering with iTeams Canada this year—your generosity makes sustainable transformation possible all around the world! And for those of you interested in becoming a monthly donor, please keep an eye out for something extra special rolling out this November.

Neil Ostrander, CEO

Delivering Love, Light, and Learning

Carmen Bajo’s Community Efforts

Impact Ecuador partners with the Carmen Bajo Church to provide food, education, job opportunities, and spiritual support to the whole community.

Tired and weak, Caroline first came to the Carmen Bajo Church when she was struggling with anemia and malnourishment. Fatigue, headaches, and dizziness had taken their toll on her mental and emotional state. But access to education, food services, and love from the church helped her find the stability she needed to feel normal again.

Young Andres often felt isolated from other children in his community. He lives every day impaired by the symptoms of cerebral palsy — but thanks to the counselling and support he and his parents received from the Carmen Bajo Church, he’s undergone a remarkable change. Not only did he find solace in faith and community, but his physical and cognitive condition has also significantly improved!

Before arriving at the Carmen Bajo Church, Carolina didn’t know how she would achieve her dream of helping people in need of love and guidance. This year, we’re proud to tell you that Carolina is the first person from Carmen Bajo Church to graduate from university! With the help of Impact Ecuador’s Post-Secondary Scholarship Program, Carolina received a degree in social work and is now focusing her efforts on cultivating transformation by sharing God’s Word and Christ’s impact in people’s lives.

A Helping Hand for Haiti

How Your Compassion Creates Change

Donors like you make transformational development possible. Richard and Margaret Downey from Cambridge, Ontario are donors just like you who are making a difference. They know that giving benefits everyone.

In 2018, they witnessed the plight of Haiti on the news, and were distressed to discover how much help was needed for Haiti to recover from its terrible history of colonization, slavery, and exploitation. Their empathy inspired them to contribute in any way they could.

While responding to immediate needs is vital, they wanted to ensure their gift supported long-term change in Haiti. After doing some research on charitable organizations working in Haiti, they discovered iTeams Canada.

When they saw how we work to empower local leaders and add velocity to in-country projects, they knew where they wanted their contribution to go. Impact Haiti offers education to create a new generation of pastors and leaders who are focused on developing justice, mercy, and love as they live out their faith in humility.

Thanks to these programs and generous donors like Richard and Margaret, Haitians are being equipped with the skills they need to transform their communities for the better. We are extremely grateful for the Downeys’ compassion. Their kindness—and yours—makes a huge difference in the lives of so many.


We couldn’t do this global transformative work without your support.