Impact Haiti (formerly Haiti Partners Canada) strives to help Haitians change Haiti through education for students, teachers, leaders, disciples, and partners.

Our belief is that Haiti’s brutal history of colonization, slavery, and exploitation has traumatized its people and created a culture of authoritarian leadership that all to often results in the abuse of power and a scarcity mindset. The abuse of power stifles the positive evolution of institutions – families, organizations, businesses, government. Leaders that abuse power create and perpetuate conditions that inhibit people from growing, innovating, and discovering their potential. Given its history and the typical approach of aid, it’s no wonder that Haiti seems stuck.

In order for Haiti to address its many challenges, its children and seminary students need to experience an innovative, quality education – an education that empowers them to develop their potential, to think outside the box and to engage in improving their communities. This is Impact Haiti’s mission and this is the work that we engage in each day.

Micah Scholars

Impact Haiti partners with the Micah Scholars program offered by Haiti Partners. Drawing from Micah 6:8, Micah Scholars is developing a new generation of pastors and leaders who do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. 

In partnership with three Haitian seminaries, we’re providing young leaders with full scholarships to seek a Bachelor of Divinity degree. Through monthly workshops, they acquire key leadership skills, and in quarterly retreats with international church leaders, they connect with the global movement of the Church.

The Impact Haiti community is excited to continue grow and make a difference together with our American and Haitian partners through these promising church leaders in Haiti. As you give, you are investing in quality education for young church leaders, school students and communities. 

Click here to learn more about the Micah Scholars program.