Haiti Partners Canada strives to help Haitians change Haiti through education for students, teachers, leaders, disciples, and partners.

Haiti Partners Canada works in In partnership with Haiti Partners USA to strengthen local schools through teacher training, resources, and social businesses that have the power to make the schools sustainable. Several of our staff have been collaborating for more than a dozen years to develop the core programs and approach of our work. We draw on our experience as we keep pushing ahead toward our vision.

In addition to educational initiatives, Haiti Partners works hard in churches (encouraging and equipping them to fight for social justice, women’s rights, and children’s rights through the Micah Scholars program) and fosters entrepreneurship through credit associations and social businesses.

We focus on five strategic objectives:

1. Quality schooling: the development of schools that help children realize their potential while driving community development and lifelong learning

2. Holistic churches: the mobilization of churches to help people engage in justice and deepen in their faith

3. Entrepreneurship: creating successful social businesses and cultivating entrepreneurial and business skills

4. Collaborative leadership: the development of leaders who inspire groups, communities, and institutions to thrive

5. Spiritual transformation: engaging partners to deepen faith and work for the common good

These five strategic objectives work together to promote long-term transformational development. As you give, you are investing in quality education for young church leaders, school students and communities. The Haiti Partners Canada community is excited to continue grow and make a difference together with our American and Haitian partners.