We are a team of international workers from around the world who have gathered in Linz, Austria with a shared goal of helping refugees.

Our passion is to demonstrate the love of God in word and deed and to restore dignity and respect to these people who have endured so much. Our vision is to equip and encourage the local church to reach out to the refugees in their midst.

Austria receives refugees from Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Chechnya, and many other countries. Every person is unique and has their own unique story, but all people have one thing in common — they need HOPE! People need hope to live their lives now, they need to know that there is hope even after this life is over, and they need to know that hope goes beyond their current circumstances. This hope transcends culture, has no boundaries and speaks into the very deepest pain or tragedy. We believe that God has called us to be bearers of this hope.

Ministry Programs for Austria’s Refugees

Ministry ProgramsDisplaced from their homes by war, poverty, and oppression, refugees are a forgotten people. They often find themselves in a strange land with no identity, status, family, or means. It is these people that God has in mind when He commands us to care for the alien and stranger. They are hurting people who have been through the unimaginable and God is the only One who can give them true hope and healing.

House of Hope is very well located to serve the refugee community in Linz — we are within a few blocks of at least 3 refugee houses and close to public transportation. Our project offers a wide range of ministries for refugees in Austria, many of whom are Muslim or from a Muslim background.

Classes and Activities

Classes and ActivitiesHouse of Hope offers German classes, Bible study, a women’s group, regular games afternoons with tea and coffee, and opportunities to watch the Jesus film and receive Bibles and other Christian literature in several languages. In our workshop, refugees — who are not allowed to work can use their hands and gifts in activities like drawing, pottery, sewing, and woodworking.

By visiting refugees where they live and investing in friendship with them, we seek the opportunity to share the love of Christ in word and deed. We help them practically with furniture, clothing or other needs, as well as meeting with them to answer their questions about faith in Jesus. Many want to know more about the Bible and who Jesus is.