Impact Ecuador focuses on supporting the people of Carmen Bajo, a poor neighbourhood in Quito, through the existing ministry of Carmen Bajo Church. Due to high unemployment, there is widespread poverty in the community, and social problems such as alcoholism and family degradation are common.

The long-term goal for the program is for Carmen Bajo to become a community where individuals are transformed in every area of their lives: spiritually, physically, economically, and socially.

Quito Kids Meal & Tutoring Program

The children’s program is a place of refuge and growth for an increasing number of kids in the community who otherwise would be on their own from very early in the morning until late at night. Operated in partnership with Compassion International, the program at Carmen Bajo keeps the children busy and out of trouble. Volunteers and staff provide a hot lunch and a half-day of tutoring to hundreds of kids each week, but perhaps even more meaningfully, they provide a place to belong and to be loved.

Post-Secondary Education

Post-secondary education, in the form of further academic education at the university level or skills training, is instrumental in helping families become self-sufficient. Over the next several years, we hope to be able to provide increased financial support to students from Carmen Bajo who want to continue their education at a post-secondary level.

Church Construction Project

Carmen Bajo Church currently operates out of two separate facilities: the site of the children’s program and the church facility. It has been a dream of Carmen Bajo Church for many years to construct a new building on the site of the current church property that is more comfortable than the current facility and as a result more attractive and inviting to the community. The first stage of the project provided classrooms for the children and youth programs, as well as a carpentry workshop. In future project phases, additional adult classrooms will be built, the sanctuary will be expanded, and there will rooms available for medical clinics.

Pastoral Leadership

Consistency of vision and leadership is essential for the success of any program. Impact Ecuador provides support — both practical and financial — to Pastor Fabian and his wife Grace, who have tirelessly led the Carmen Bajo Church community for more than 15 years. Their three adult children (Raquel, Santiago, and Andrea) are also involved in Carmen Bajo in various capacities, making it very much a family ministry. Impact Ecuador is committed to supporting Fabian and Grace as they continue to serve their community.