Impact Kenya-Shangilia focuses on meeting the basic needs of shelter, clothing, food, and medical care for the increasing number of orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya, as well as providing a brighter future and opportunities for these children through education. Located in Vihiga County in Western Province, Shangilia Children’s Home is home to over 60 children ranging in age from 1 to 18 years.

Support for Education

At Shangilia Children’s Home, we place great emphasis on the importance of education as a step towards independence and self-sufficiency. We believe it truly has the power to break the cycle of poverty. School fees, uniforms, books, and other education resources are a large portion of ongoing costs for children to receive elementary and secondary education. To build up future leaders, we believe one of the greatest investments is in the education of the youth at Shangilia.

Shangilia Village

Almost half of the children at Shangilia are above the age of thirteen. In the coming years, an issue that will arise is where children will go once they have completed high school but are unable to fund further education themselves or find viable employment. ‘Shangilia Village’ is a new concept, creating a separate live-in facility for post high school students to transition to, with a business training component. This would provide a safe environment to market and test business ideas that may be viable ventures with the potential to be replicated in the local community.

Facilities Upgrades

Shangilia currently has no indoor seated facility for the children to have their meals. The students generally eat outside on the ground or under building overhangs during rainy season. We would like to offer a cafeteria-style facility where children can have meals seated around tables, enjoy their food, and converse with one another.