“Feed the hungry, Love1and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.” Isaiah 58:10

The ministry of IT Tender focuses on helping children succeed in school and become responsible leaders in their communities by offering a range of educational supports from early years through high school. Quality education will open up a world of better opportunities for children in the three marginalized communities we serve on the periphery of Metro Manila. Thanks to the efforts of passionate volunteers and support from donors, we are seeing significant change.

We offer a strategic range of educational programs and opportunities to help children and young adults succeed.

SMART Kids early childhood education centre provides an opportunity for toddlers ages 1-3 and their mothers to experience stimulating play, early learning, and proper nutrition.

Simula Learning Centre preschool for children ages 4-6 helps students learn basic literacy and numeracy in preparation for elementary school. Simula means “beginning” in Tagalog.

Alternative Learning System (ALS) tutoring program for school dropouts helps them complete a high school equivalency exam. Upon completion, students are referred to organizations with job opportunities or technical schools that offer scholarships for ALS graduates.

Napacor Community 5Sponsor-a-Child currently supports over 40 children in local elementary and high schools. Participants are carefully selected based on the capacity of families to send their children to school. The sponsorship provides daily transportation to school, lunches, and school supplies, while helping the family reach a point when they can afford to cover these costs themselves.

Night Life is a drop-in style program that offers a safe space for the most at risk children and youth in the area. Kids are able to have fun together, develop healthier relational habits, enjoy meals, and even make use of the shower facilities. The ‘Sing, Spell, Read, and Write’ curriculum uses interactive and fun activities to improve literacy.

Send a Teacher to School provides the opportunity for our teachers to complete their degrees in education or social work. Having more educated teachers will enable IT Tender to help even more children complete their education and become agents of change in their communities.

The Educational Media Centre (EMC) is located in our IT Tender drop-in centre building, and provides children and youth with a safe space to access free library books, computers, and printers to assist them in their studies.