Learning for Humanity

Learning for Humanity (L4H) provides innovative computer systems and educational software to resource-poor Christian schools in Zambia.

These innovative computer systems are heat resistant, dust resistant, run on low power sources, and do not need a constant internet connection to run efficiently. They have been preprogrammed with culturally and age appropriate interfaces that maximize their effectiveness for primary students, secondary students, and post-secondary students. This technology allows for all students in the schools to access textbooks, learning materials, and computer training modules that had previously never been available. Currently there is 1 textbook for every 6 students in Zambia, and students are learning how to use computers with a pen and paper. The increase in quality educational tools that L4H offers will help to transform lives and communities in Zambia.

L4H is a unique organization with a sustainable development model. It does not just send computers to these schools and leave. L4H offers a full-service computer management service that offers technical assistance, training to teachers, alternative power sources (solar panels) for the schools when needed. L4H also helps to turn these computer systems into an income generating tool for these schools by utilizing them as an internet cafe during off school hours. The income generated through these cafes will be used to help support the school where it is located and to spread the technology to more under-resourced schools.

Computers would boost technological literacy for the next generation of these under-resourced communities, and would allow children to gain access to resources, conduct Internet research, and encourage spiritual growth by engaging with the world beyond their own community. Moreover, teachers at the schools would benefit greatly by improving their personal technological literacy and using these computer systems as a tool for lesson planning and pedagogical training.

iTeams Canada views technology as a gift from God and a tool that, as stewards of His creation, we can use to improve the livelihoods of His people. Technology is intensely spiritual because it brings order out of disorder and reveals the wonder of God’s creation and provision. Spiritual and material needs are integrated at the Sisters of the Child Jesus and Brethren in Christ schools; it is not simply a computer, but rather an expression of God’s provision and a tool for experiencing His love.