By engaging in shared learning and theological dialogue, our churches are challenged to benefit from one another’s experiences and even differing views to care more effectively for our neighbourhoods. Our unity is a powerful growing witness of Christ to the city.

“God is using the movement to allow local churches to learn from each other, capitalize on each other’s strengths and impact both communities in the city and the city of Hamilton as a whole.”
– Dwayne Cline, Hughson Street Baptist Church

Storytelling Project

Good stories connect and move us. One of the most powerful ways the TrueCity movement has fostered collaboration is by creatively telling the stories of how God is moving in our congregations as we engage mission. Through interactive workshops and creative use of media, this project aims to see us become better story-tellers and to see our congregations become more effective at identifying and sharing key stories of how God is moving in our midst.

Connection Project

This project aims to recruit and equip “connectors” from within each of our churches and partner ministries to strengthen our collaborative ability to pursue the good of our city. A team of volunteer “connectors” will meet together regularly and share information, helping the churches within our movement to work together, learn from each other, and pray for each other. By coordinating effort, resources, and initiatives, we will enrich and deepen our engagement with mission in our local neighbourhoods and ultimately cultivate greater transformation in Hamilton.

Discipleship Project

The beauty of God’s call to join Him in His mission is the opportunity it opens up to go deeper with Him and and each other in the process. Our goal is to see TrueCity churches equip, train, and coach each other in effective discipleship within the context of missional engagement.

By working to understand which of our current discipleship practices are bearing good fruit, we aim to recognize discipleship best practices and establish a common language and understanding that will allow each congregation to disciple creatively and successfully in their own context.