Sorin is Home for the Holidays

Lauren Anderson, Monday December 16, 2019

I’d like to introduce you to Sorin Bucur, who has been involved with us (first as an orphan himself) since 2002. He has been one of our key volunteers for over 15 years! Sorin moved to Germany last year to work but continues to come back to be involved as our community is his home. Presently […]

“A Place Where I Can Be Myself”

Lauren Anderson, Sunday December 1, 2019

Manuel came to the lights at Lighthouse at the age of six with health condition called bone dysplasia, which is a congenital disease that presents with deformation, fragility, and weakness in the bones. He is often in pain yet he never complains. Manuel has been a great encouragement for all his friends as well as his teachers since […]

Celebrating With the First Set of Pastoral Graduates

Lauren Anderson, Sunday December 1, 2019

This year we saw our first set of pastoral students graduate from their certificate program. With two great teachers – Pastor Ben in Kasese and Pastor Sam just outside Kampala – we now have leaders and pastors equipped to lead in their churches.  Thank you for believing in our mission and for coming alongside us in […]

Robert Says “Step Up and Stand Firm”

Lauren Anderson, Monday November 25, 2019

Robert is a current Form 4 (Grade 12) student at the Pan African High School (PAHS). Robert is one of the many international students at PAHS, representing his country of Malawi. Since enrolling 6 years ago, Robert says he has “…felt normal here because I have found other people from other nations. Everyone is so […]

A Long Obedience

Lauren Anderson, Sunday November 24, 2019

Thank you for your support for Impact Canada and the TrueCity Network. This past March we held our 15th TrueCity Conference with the theme “A Long Obedience.” Here are the reflections of one of the church leaders who participated,   Each year the TrueCity conference brings me joy and hope. This year it happened again. In a world that […]

20 Years of Meals in Carmen Bajo

Lauren Anderson, Monday November 18, 2019

Over the past 20 years, countless meals have been served and lives transformed through the children’s program at Carmen Bajo. This year was no exception. Caroline arrived at the children’s centre anemic from poor nutrition and in desperate need of emotional support.  Throughout the year she has received hot meals, loving care, and education — and the […]

Alidou Is Hard at Work

Lauren Anderson, Thursday November 7, 2019

I would like to introduce you to Alidou. He graduated this August after completing 2 years in the welding program. He is a hard worker but I didn’t realize how hard a worker he was until I went looking for pictures. In most of the pictures he was either head down hard at work or […]

Empowering Women Leaders in Haiti

Lauren Anderson, Monday October 28, 2019

Thanks to your support, Impact Haiti has persevered this year despite some very difficult circumstances. Haiti has experienced roadblocks, protests and school shutdowns over the last few months. On top of these current challenges, Enel, the Program Leader in Haiti, shared that many Haitian leaders still do not accept the Convention on the Rights of […]

“I Knew I Could Be Happy Too”

Lauren Anderson, Wednesday October 16, 2019

Meet Joseph! When Joseph first came to the Shangilia Children’s Home, he was nervous; however, Joseph stated, “I became less nervous after seeing other children and how happy they were at Shangilia. I knew that if they were happy, I would one day be happy too.” Because of the parental love and support Joseph receives […]

A Brighter Future is “Sew” Inspiring

Lauren Anderson, Saturday October 5, 2019

Evelyn has studied sewing for two years with Impact Guatemala’s partner Senderos de Luz. In that time, she has learned how to make some items to sell, and has been able to earn some extra money to support her household during difficult times. We are so excited to see the changes in her life and […]