Our Work

We have programs all over the world. Our work is accomplished through partnership with churches, businesses and grassroot networks of passionate people investing their time, resources and abilities.

Impact Programs

Our Impact Programs work with locally-based partners around the globe, to overcome poverty through programs and support. With access to life's necessities, communities become self-sustaining and quality of life increases for people throughout.

Impact Program Short Description Discover
Impact Burkina Faso Provides quality education, healthcare and food for over 500 children and vocational training for young men. Learn More
Impact Canada Unites Canadian congregations to equip, train and coach each other, sharing in God's transformational calling. Learn More
Impact Dominican Republic Brings education, water sanitation, meals and vocational training to people in Villa Altagracia, a city with poor infrastructure and scarce opportunity. Learn More
Impact Ecuador Engenders spiritual, physical, economic and social transformation in the neighbourhood of Carmen Bajo through educational support, tutoring and hot meals. Learn More
Impact Guatemala Delivers services to people living in and around La Pinada, including skills development, healthy food for widows and malnourished children and school tuition. Learn More
Impact Haiti Creates healing and transformation through innovative, quality education. Empowers Haitians to develop their potential and improve their commmunities. Learn More
Impact Kenya-Shangilia Meets the basic needs of orphaned or abandoned children: shelter, clothing and medical care and also pays for school fees and educational resources needed for brighter futures. Learn More
Impact Kenya-PACE Helps vulnerable children from across Kenya and Africa receive a quality education and also trains pastors to serve everyone in their communities better. Learn More
Impact Romania Transforms the lives of institutionalized orphans with mentorship, education, career support and encouragement in learning to support one another. Learn More
Impact South Sudan Improves education quality with teacher training and creates protective environments for street children, especially victims or those at risk of Gender-Based Violence. Learn More
Impact Uganda Feeds, teaches and reunites children living on the street with their families and trains pastors in church leadership so that whole communities are transformed. Learn More
Impact Zambia Supports community development initiatives designed to break the cycle of poverty through education and vocational training. Learn More